Bridal Shoes – how to choose yours


Top 10 tips for choosing your wedding shoes

  1. Comfort – remember you will be wearing you shoes from early in the morning till last thing at night.  Proper wedding shoes are specially designed with comfort in mind and have additional padding exactly for this purpose.  Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap shoes off the high street because you will regret it.
  2. Cost – everyone is on a budget and getting a bargain is paramount, however with that in mind think of your gown and be prepared to pay from 10-15% of its value for shoes, if your beautiful dress cost £500 your shoes should ideally cost you between £50-£75.  You certainly don’t want to undervalue your dress or buy cheap and uncomfortable shoes.  If you are on a budget check out the sale pages of the wedding shoe retailerwebsites, often they have up to 75% off the RRP fab bargains!
  3. Fabric choices – Silk or satin are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes, but of course, your wedding dress and personal taste should have the greatest impact on the shoes you choose. If you’re wearing a non-traditional wedding dress, your shoes do not need to be traditional either.
  4. Fittings – Make sure you have your shoes for your dress fittings, to enable your dress maker take the hem of your dress to the correct length.  With this in mind make sure you order them in plenty of time as some shoes may take a while to come to order.
  5. Colour – Your shoes should be a good match to your dress and the setting of your wedding, they should also reflect your personality style.  A funky bride might consider having her shoes dyed to match her bright bridesmaid dresses or dye to a shade of blue for her something blue to make them stand out.  A more traditional bride may want to ensure they are the exact colour match to her dress.
  6. Heel height, sexy heels or versatile flats? I would suggest you wear what you normally were on a daily basis.  If you normally wear 4 inches then why change on your wedding day, you know you will be comfortable.  However if you don’t normally wear sky highs your wedding day is not the day to experiment.  If you want a bit of height, but aren’t used to stilettos, you can consider platform heels, or lower kitten heels. And, of course, if you prefer flat, satin ballet slippers make beautiful bridal shoes.
  7. Destination beach or winter?  Beach weddings need to have shoe styles to reflect the occasion consider funky flip flops or even wedges so they sink less in the sand and you can kick them off and walk bear foot.  If your wedding is destined for colder climates consider a beautiful ankle boot which will not only keep your feet warmer but add to the feel of the occasion.
  8. White will vary in shade.  There are several shades of white, so if your dress is white make sure you get a swatch from your dress shop to compare the shade.  Silk shoes are traditionally more of an off white shade because they are natural fabric, whereas imported satin shoes are very bright white with almost a blue hue to them.  If in doubt ask you wedding shoe supplier.
  9. To dance or not?  Are you having a Caileigh on your wedding day?  If so you may consider purchasing a pair of more comfortable flat ballet slippers to change into for later on, so you can enjoy all the frivolity.
  10. TOP TIP – consider having your shoes dyed black after the event to get more wear out of them.

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