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Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers – How on earth do you choose what to have? It can be quite intimidating. The designing and organizing of floral arrangements on the scale that weddings require is not in the average person’s skill set. When confronted with the prospect of choosing and arranging your own flowers, most of us would look at our feet and mumble, “Well, I’ll have a go…”

Any competent florist is going to produce an expert flower arrangement for weddings, but keep in mind that there are other options open to you. Although they often use third-party suppliers, hiring an independent floral designer is an excellent option for couples who want a truly special floral motif for their big day.

Floral designers are more expensive than your ‘average’ flower arranger, of course, but they’re also artists. Moreover, their services don’t always stop with flowers – “a floral designer” is only one of many hats worn by professional wedding decorators who can help tie flowers into a theme to make your wedding an affair to remember.

Word of mouth is so important when it comes to finding a florist. Any friends who have gone through the terrors of planning their own wedding will be delighted to relate a tale of whether their florist blossomed or wilted under pressure. Don’t let that expertise go to waste.

If you don’t have any married friends, (or if their taste was atrocious!) talk to your venue manager. They’ve seen hundreds of weddings, and will unquestionably know a few of the secret ingredients for what makes the perfect wedding florist.

You probably have an image in your mind of what you want your wedding flowers to look like. The hardest part will be getting that image across to the florist. Even the shortest  list of standard wedding flowers runs into the hundreds of varieties, so what are you going to do when you need to find that special orchid hybrid you vaguely remember liking 15 years ago?

One of the best ways is to start keeping notes. Cut out magazine photographs, collect files from online wedding websites, and look on Pinterest and Flickr accounts of friends and strangers alike for wedding pictures. The more information you can give your florist, the better.

Knowing exactly how much you want to spend is key, both for your own sanity and for your florist’s. Unless you have a sky’s-the-limit wedding budget (which, let’s face it, almost no one does), setting a limit on what you’re willing to spend will save you both some headaches. If your florist knows in advance how much you can spend, he or she can be more realistic about what’s in his or her power to accomplish. So, what’s reasonable for a flower budget? You should plan to spend about 8 to 10 percent of your total wedding budget on flowers.

Besides the regular trappings of centrepieces and the bride’s bouquet, there are loads of other ways to get more ‘mileage’ out of your florist – petals for the send-off, corsages for honoured guests (like readers and grandmothers), and small floral arrangements to make the venue’s restrooms look elegant.

But a good florist doesn’t have to stop with flowers. With a mixture of the right candles, furniture, ornaments and tableware, you have a chance to make a lasting impression